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Our Tenants & Partners

In Stevenson

TenantPhysical Address/Suite NumberBuilding/Property
Available for Lease - 2000 sq. ft. 40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 40Tichenor
[American Cruise Lines] ( BoatStevenson Landing
[Astound] ( SW Cascade Ave, Suite 50Tichenor
[American Queen Voyages] ( BoatStevenson Landing
Atlas Therapeutic | Melissa Bernt40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 70FTichenor
[Backwoods Brewing] ( SW Cascade Ave, Suite 120Tichenor
[Clark & Lewie’s] ( SW Cascade AveOld Saloon Building
CRG Ventures40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 60CTichenor
Digital Logistics Solutions LLC40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 70-ITichenor
Invictus Global Services40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 70GTichenor
Jessica Webb40 SW Cascade Ave. Suite 90ATichenor
Leavitt Brothers Consulting LLC40 SW Cascade Ave. Suite 90BTichenor
[LDB Beverage Company] ( SW Cascade AveRiver Point Bldg.
[People For People & WorkSource] ( SW Cascade Ave, Suite 60Tichenor
[Phloem Studio] ( SW Cascade Ave, Suite 65/70ETichenor
Quality Care Counseling40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 90CTichenor
Richard Impson | Allsci LLP40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 70HTichenor
Skamania County Council on Domestic Violence 40 SW Cascade Ave. Suite 110Tichenor
[Skunk Brothers Spirits] ( SW Cascade Ave, Suite 45Tichenor
Waterfront Commercial Property2-10 Acres Stevenson WaterfrontAvailable For Lease


In North Bonneville

TenantPhysical Address/Suite NumberBuilding/Property
[Beacon Rock Golf Course] ( Grenia RoadGolf Club
Four Peaks Environmental Science & Data Solutions390 Evergreen DriveTeitzel Building
Awl or Nothing LLC390 Evergreen DriveTeitzel Building
Slingshot Sports390 Evergreen DriveTeitzel Building
High One LLC390 Evergreen DriveDiscovery I
[Skamania Co Knucklebusters Assn] ( Evergreen DriveSkye Building
Vacant Lot380 Evergreen DriveSkye Building
Silver Star Industries, Inc505 Evergreen DriveEvergreen Building
[Heal LLC] ( Evergreen DriveTeitzel Building
[Miller Design Studio LLC] ( Evergreen DriveTeitzel Building
Pacific Crest Trail Association [PCT] ( Evergreen DriveTeitzel Building
Correna Smith390 Evergreen DriveTeitzel Building
 Skamania Lawyer, PLLC290 Evergreen Drive
 Simon Lamb390 Evergreen Drive
[A Touch of Lemon] ( Evergreen DriveTeitzel Building