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Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission Statement

The Port’s Mission is to identify, develop, and promote economic resources that foster diversity, prosperity, and quality of life for all citizens of Skamania County.

The Port encourages full constituent involvement in all its activities. To carry out this mission, the Port may:

  • Acquire, sell, develop, and lease land
  • Partner with other private and public interests to build and operate facilities
  • Construct and maintain multimodal transportation infrastructures such as roads, paths, parking, docks, and launch ramps
  • Improve and operate public parks and recreational facilities.


Our Vision Statement

Since its formation in 1964, it has been the Port’s goal to encourage economic development and job creation. It is also important to the Port to preserve the high quality of life historically enjoyed by area residents, recognizing that this feature is one of the Port’s strongest marketing assets. The economic vitality of the Port District is integral to its success, as increased employment opportunities, a reduction in unemployment, and increases in real incomes can improve the overall quality of life for the area.

In working to achieve its goals, the Port will focus on industrial and commercial development. The Port will induce private investment that will create increased employment opportunities. The Port will also seek capital investments that leverage private investment, strategic job growth, and positive fiscal benefits to Skamania County.

The Port is a leader and a team player in local economic development efforts. It will promote growth and development in a responsible, planned manner, always remembering the public’s interests and needs as an integral part of its decision-making process. The Port will promote new business investments that will assist the local economy to become increasingly diverse and non-seasonal, and the Port will seek family-wage job opportunities.


Our Core Values

  • Work as a team
  • Manage Port resources prudently
  • Maintain a high quality workforce at the Port and in its community
  • Take actions that are in the best interests of the public and its taxpayers
  • Strive for total customer satisfaction
  • Seek innovative solutions that benefit the community through jobs and business development
  • Communicate effectively to implement Port goals and objectives