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Boat Launch and Docks

The Stevenson Boat Launch 
     *11- 8-2023 NOTICE -

Located at the East end of Cascade Avenue in Stevenson, the Port has a boat launch that is available for public use. There is no fee associated with using the boat launch and no permit required for recreational use.  There are also several parking spots designated for parking vehicles with boat trailers as well as ample street parking. There are docks in the water for loading and unloading from May through October. Visitors to the waterfront can also enjoy a small park with picnic tables, bbq grills, and restroom/changing facilities nearby. 


The views from the park and the docks simply can’t be beaten!  

The docks should not be used for long-term or overnight docking. 

Please note that any commercial activity at the Boat Launch and associated park is prohibited without prior approval from the Port. 

In 2013, the Port Board of Commissioners adopted Ordinance 2013-1 which provides rules of conduct for all Port properties on the Stevenson waterfront.   

In 2019 the Commissioners amended the ordinance.   

Section 23 addresses the Boat Launch rules and regulations specifically: 

SECTION 23. Cascade Avenue Boat Launch and Docks. The following activities are prohibited:

  1. No person shall operate a boat, an airplane, or any other type of watercraft in the Boat Launch area at a speed exceeding 5 miles per hour, or in a manner that causes a wake within the Boat Launch area.
  2. No person shall park a motor vehicle overnight in the Boat Launch area.
  3. No person shall clean fish or perform boat maintenance or repair a boat in the Boat Launch area.
  4. No person shall operate a vehicle in the Boat Launch area at a speed exceeding 10 miles per hour.
  5. No person shall fly or in any other manner operate a kiteboard training kite or a kiteboard in the Boat Launch area.
  6. No person shall stay overnight on a boat moored in the Boat Launch area for more than 3 consecutive nights; attaching to the docks overnight is not allowed.
  7. No child under 12 years of age shall be aboard a moored boat in the Boat Launch area if not accompanied by an adult. No parent, guardian, or person having custody or control of a child under the age of 12 years shall allow the child to be in a moored boat unaccompanied by an adult in violation of this section.
  8. No person shall jump or dive from the Boat Launch Docks.
  9. No person shall ride a bicycle, other self-propelled device, or vehicle on the Boat Launch Docks with the exception of a motorized wheelchair or similar device.
  10. Swimming is allowed in the Boat Launch area.  However, no lifeguard is provided and swimming is at the individual’s own risk and swimmers are warned that the Columbia River has strong currents, cold water, and underwater hazards. Life jackets and wet suits are strongly advised. Swimmers should also be aware that the Boat Launch area is used by powered vessels and the boat ramp area and docks should be avoided when boat users are present. The Port recommends using the “Pebble Beach” area for swimming, which is also unsupervised and swimmers swim at their own risk.

Per section 27 of that ordinance, any person who violates the rules set forth may be subject to a fine of up to $250 for each offense. You can read the full ordinance at the link below.