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State and Local Property Tax: Skamania County's levy rate for the year 2000 was the third lowest rate in the state.
• No Corporate Income Tax
• No Personal Income Tax
• No Inventory Tax
• No Unitary Tax
• No Tax on Interest, Dividends or Capital Gains

Sales and Use Tax Exemption Programs: Includes no tax on the purchase of materials that are to become components of finished products for sale. Sales & use tax waived for qualified businesses for machinery and equipment, facility construction and expansion.

Business and Occupation Tax Credit Programs: A $2,000 or $4,000 (if wages and benefits exceed $40,000) credit against the B&O tax for certain businesses is available for each new employment position created and filled. An annual credit of up to $2 million is allowed for businesses that perform research and development in specified high tech categories and meet minimum expense requirements.

Community Economic Revitalization Board Loans & Grants: CERB-administered low cost financing for public facilities improvements including roads, sewer and water extensions needed for private development of new business locations and expansions.

Tax-Exempt Industrial Revenue & Exempt Facilities Bonds: Issued by public corporations on behalf of qualifying private-sector projects at much lower rates than other conventional financing methods. Washington Economic Development Finance Authority, the state-level issuing authority for tax-exempt and taxable industrial revenue and exempt facilities bonds, issued more than $94 million in bonds for 22 projects with 1,800 jobs created or retained in the last four years.




State of Washington Administered Development Loan Fund: Provides market-rate term loans for gap financing for new industries.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Economic Development Fund: The purpose of this program is job creation and retention in eligible areas of the National Scenic Area. Provides up to 80 percent market-rate loans to qualified businesses for business development and expansion. The Programs loan limits are $30,000 minimum and $500,000 maximum with a 10% minimum equity participation.

Micro Loan Program: Administered by the Skamania County Economic Development Council to finance new business starts and expansions for eligible nontraditional business borrowers who may not fit typical bank lending requirements due to a small loan request, limited credit history, or lack of business experience.